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Amazon Without Oil

Join the Global Movement to Save the Amazon Rainforest!

"We firmly call for the legal enforcement of an immediate and unequivocal halt to any future gas exploitation within and surrounding the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest"

Read our petition here.

We want to be 1 Million voices against gas exploitation within and surrounding our beautiful Amazon!

Why Ban Oil Exploitation?

The Amazon Rainforest, home to unparalleled biodiversity, is under threat from oil exploitation. We're on a mission to halt this destructive practice, safeguard marine life, and combat climate change. It's time to shift our focus to renewable and green energy sources for a sustainable future.


Be a part of history!

Sign our petition to urge the Brazilian Government to ban oil exploitation in the Amazon Rainforest. Our collective voice will be delivered directly to the Brazilian Lower House, Upper House, Presidential Office, and Amazonian Governors.


How Can You Help?

👉 Sign the Petition: Be a voice for the Amazon! Add your signature to the cause.

👉  Spread the Word: Share our campaign on social media using #amazonwithoutoil and share this page!

👉  Join the Movement: Stay updated on our progress and participate in events!

Sign the Petition Now!

Together, Let's Ensure an Amazon Without Oil for Future Generations!


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