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  • What is the relation between Fridays for Future (FFF) and SOSAmazoniaFund (SAF)?
    Fridays for Future (FFF) is a global movement initiated by Greta Thunberg in 2018, bringing together students and young individuals who actively protest against climate change. With millions of supporters worldwide, FFF has played a crucial role in raising awareness about environmental issues. All members of SOSAmazoniaFund (SAF) are actively involved in Fridays for Future Brazil and have been dedicated to organizing impactful climate mobilizations. It is important to note that while FFF and SAF have a close collaboration, they operate independently of each other, and may have different political positions. There is no hierarchical relationship between the two groups. While FFF aims to mobilize people through effective communication narratives, SAF focuses on implementing projects and measures to achieve its goals. While FFF operates as a global movement, SAF is currently undergoing a transition to becoming a youth-led non-governmental organization (NGO).
  • What is the relation between SOSAmazoniaFund (SAF) and Greta Thunberg?
    Greta Thunberg is not involved with SOSAmazoniaFund (SAF) and does not participate in SAF's decision-making process. However, SAF members had a close collaboration with Greta during the initial phases of the campaign, drawing inspiration from her activism. It is worth noting that the Greta Thunberg Foundation has been a significant supporter of SAF, making a generous donation of 100,000 EUR. We are grateful for their contribution and the partnership we have built with Greta and her foundation in our shared commitment to protect the Amazon rainforest.
  • What do you mean by youth-led?
    When we say we are "youth-led," it means that our core SAF team, comprising individuals under the age of 28, holds the responsibility for making crucial decisions. These team members have a strong background in climate and social activism. It's important to emphasize that there is no external entity or organization guiding our decision-making process. We are a self-driven collective, empowered by our shared vision and passion for creating positive change.
  • Where are the SAF core team members from?
    First and foremost, it is essential to highlight that all members of the SAF core team are Brazilian and have grown up in Brazil. Currently, the SAF core team consists of seven talented young individuals, with three of them hailing from the Amazon region. We are proud to have a diverse team composition, with two women, three non-white individuals, and with a number of members who identify as LGBT+. Allow us to introduce the members of the SAF core team in alphabetical order: Abel Rodrigues from Pará Daniel Holanda from Goiás Gabriel Souza from Pará Ian Coelho from Distrito Federal Janderson Tavares from Amazonas Marina Guião from Rio de Janeiro Valentina Ruas from Distrito Federal
  • Why are we formalizing?
    At SOS Amazonia Fund, we are driven by our passion for empowering Amazonian voices and creating a sustainable future for the Amazon and its people. To achieve our goals more effectively and ensure a youth-led approach, we have decided to formalize our organization. By formalizing, we aim to enhance our efficiency, independence, and authenticity as a youth-led group. Formalizing our organization allows us to establish clear structures, processes, and systems that enable us to operate more efficiently. With defined roles and responsibilities, we can streamline our activities, optimize resource allocation, and ensure effective coordination among our team members. This efficiency enables us to maximize the impact of our initiatives and campaigns, bringing about positive and lasting change in the Amazon communities. Moreover, formalizing our organization grants us greater independence. By establishing legal frameworks and structures, we can operate autonomously, making decisions that align with our mission and vision. This independence enables us to pursue long-term sustainability, secure funding and partnerships, and advocate for the rights and well-being of Amazonian communities without external constraints. Furthermore, formalization ensures that we are a truly youth-led organization. By setting up formal structures, we create opportunities for young activists and leaders to actively participate in decision-making processes. This inclusivity allows us to harness the energy, creativity, and dedication of young individuals, amplifying their voices and empowering them to drive positive change in the Amazon region. In summary, formalizing our organization at SOS Amazonia Fund is a strategic step to enhance our efficiency, independence, and youth-led approach. Through clear structures and processes, we can operate more effectively, while legal frameworks grant us autonomy and the ability to advocate for the Amazonian communities. By formalizing, we solidify our commitment to empowering Amazonian voices and working towards a sustainable future for all. Join us in this transformative journey as we strengthen our impact in the fight for the sustainable development of communities in the Amazon.
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