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Schools for Future

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Welcome to our transformative project, where we embark on a journey to foster environmental education within the school environment, igniting the passion and awareness of young minds towards this global imperative. Through an array of enlightening lectures, interactive workshops, and curriculum-aligned classes inspired by the Amazonian Itineraries and the UN's Agenda 2030, we strive to empower the next generation. Our mission extends beyond the classroom as we delve into understanding the intricate web of natural, political, and human factors shaping the Amazon rainforest and driving climate change. We believe in the power of knowledge application, not only in everyday life but also in the pursuit of academic excellence. In line with our commitment to proactive engagement, we introduce the Environmental Club – a space for students to delve deeper, hone their skills, and actively contribute to the "Schools for Future" initiative. Join us in nurturing a generation that not only envisions a better world but also takes meaningful strides towards it.

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Schools for Future

Empowering Environmental Awareness in Youth Education

The waning engagement of young individuals with regard to climate change, coupled with a lack of environmental consciousness, is a direct outcome of the dearth of environmental education within schools. As we immerse ourselves in the Amazonian reality, amidst ongoing and escalating environmental discussions, the mastery of this subject proves to be an immensely relevant aspect of life and essential for successful entrance into educational institutions.

We present a solution in the form of comprehensive training to instill awareness among the youth, motivating them to take proactive measures and socially engage in seeking solutions to the environmental challenges that encompass them. Our aim is to introduce innovative approaches to environmental education, fostering a society that is inherently ecologically conscious.

Through strategic partnerships with governmental bodies such as IBAMA, the Federal University of Pará, the Municipal Department of Environment, and third-sector organizations like NGOs, Project Aldeias, and the Socio-Environmental Institute, we intend to offer diverse environmental education to approximately 1000 public school students. By collaborating with these institutions, we aspire to create a multifaceted environmental curriculum.


Our project will encompass a series of impactful actions to achieve its goals:

  • Monthly expert-led seminars on environmental topics

  • Collection of data through Google Forms, focusing on youth and the climate crisis

  • Incorporation of environmental themes into the curricula of natural and human sciences over a 4-month period

  • Conducting a variety of classes, workshops, and hands-on activities

  • Culminating in the first-ever Polivalent Environmental Education Fair

By addressing the challenges of youth disengagement and environmental unawareness head-on, our project seeks to create a future generation of informed and passionate environmental stewards, equipped with the knowledge and determination to tackle the complex issues our world faces today.

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