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SAF's Team

The SAF core team comprises seven exceptionally talented young individuals, three of whom are from the Amazon region. We take pride in the diversity of our team, with two women, three members from non-white backgrounds, and several individuals who identify as LGBT+. The core team serves as the directing body and is responsible for making all final decisions.

Find below the alphabetical listing of our core team members

Abel Rodrigues

At 23 years old, Abel hails from Belém, Pará, heart of Amazon, and resides in Lisbon, Portugal. He currently studies Machine Learning. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Abel has successfully founded the venture-capital funded startup TheStarter, demonstrating his entrepreneur spirit. Abel actively contributes to environmental causes as a member of Fridays for Future Brazil and as a co-founder of Fridays for Future Amazonia. Notably, Abel took charge of coordinating the impactful campaign StopEUMercosur for Fridays for Future Brazil, mobilizing members of parliaments from Brazil, Portugal, and the European Parliament. His commitment to environmental advocacy is further exemplified by his attendance at COP26 in Glasgow, where he engaged in the global fight against climate change. Abel's multifaceted achievements reflect his dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Daniel Holanda

At the age of 21, Daniel Holanda is a young environmental activist from the interior of Goiás, Brazil. Currently pursuing his studies in International Relations and Law, Daniel actively participates as a member of Fridays for Future Brazil, a movement dedicated to advocating for environmental causes. His passion for sustainability and commitment to addressing global climate change-related issues have driven him to engage in activism and work towards a greener future. Daniel's dedication to environmental advocacy and his multidisciplinary academic background make him a valuable asset in the fight for a more sustainable world.

Gabriel Santos

At 18 years old, Gabriel Santos, also known as Kenai, is a high school student and a passionate climate and socio-environmental activist. Hailing from Altamira, Brazil, Gabriel is actively involved in several organizations dedicated to sustainability and social impact. He is a proud member of Fridays for Future Brazil and actively contributes to the efforts of the Instituto Perifa Sustentável (Institute for Sustainable Periphery). As a young changemaker, Gabriel's commitment to environmental causes has been recognized, and he was honored as a Youth Transformer by Ashoka in 2021. Furthermore, he co-authored the influential Manifesto for Climate Education, advocating for greater awareness and action regarding climate change. Gabriel's dedication and advocacy for a better future make him a remarkable individual within his community and beyond.

Janderson Tavares

Janderson Tavares, a selfless, enthusiastic, and social engagement mobilizer, has been an impactful force in various environmental initiatives. He served as a community mobilizer at Greenpeace Brazil and played a pivotal role as a member of the Environmental Creative Council, chaired by the Commission on Environment and Sustainable Development of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas - ALEAM. As a consultant for the Fundação Amazônia Sustentável, Janderson is dedicated to creating an environmentally safe and socially just world, offering hope for current and future generations. Hailing from Manaus, his passion for sustainability and social change knows no bounds.

Marina Guião

At 18 years old, Marina Guião is a passionate individual hailing from the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently pursuing her studies in Political Science and International Relations, Marina is deeply committed to understanding global dynamics and their impact on society. As an active member of Fridays for Future Brazil, she channels her activism into raising awareness about climate change and advocating for environmental sustainability. Marina's dedication to the cause extends beyond national boundaries, as she is also a member of YOUNGO, a global youth-led organization focused on climate action. Through her involvement in both local and international initiatives, Marina strives to make a meaningful difference in addressing the pressing challenges our planet faces.

Valentina Ruas

Valentina Ruas, at the age of 20, is an active participant in various environmental campaigns focused on climate justice, including the former campaign Withdraw the CAP movement, as a member of Fridays for Future. She actively engages in specific events with European Union institutions to discuss climate policies alongside fellow young activists. Valentina is also a co-founder and member of the SOS Amazonia Fund, further demonstrating her commitment to protecting the Amazon rainforest. On the academic front, she holds the position of President at the Center for Studies of the International Relations course at the University of Minho. Valentina also coordinates UMFuturo, a volunteer project within the Academic Association of UMinho, and serves as a substitute member of the General Council of the University.

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